Ground Floor Comedy: An All Accessible Comedy Show

Ground floor comedy

Saturday, September 9th at 9:30pm!

Ground Floor Comedy is a completely accessible stand-up show made in honour of the late comedian & disability rights advocate Andre H Arruda. Hosted by Just For Laughs Homegrown winner Courtney Gilmour, this hilarious night of comedy featuring differently-abled comedians & Andre’s friends is a show that anyone can come enjoy. The theatre is fully accessible and an interpreter will be provided for the hearing impaired.

A portion of the proceeds from Ground Floor Comedy will go to StopGap Foundation, a wheelchair ramps organization that was very close to Andre’s heart.


  • Bobby Knauff
  • Desirée Walsh
  • Jamieson Donnell
  • Rob Bebenek
  • Leonard Chan
  • Nicholas Rizzi


Courtney Gilmour

Presented by Courtney Gilmour and Julianna Romanyk

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