VAMs (Virtual Visitation Management Systems) are used by hotels to manage their guest list in a cost-effective manner. The main function of these systems is to record attendance and time of each visitor. This allows management to capture and track customers with exact demographic information. These systems are available to any hospitality organization in Canada or around the world. They have the ability to integrate with existing systems and have a modular design for customization.

Contactless Visitor Management Software

The VAMs available in the market today have advanced features which allow it to be integrated with the existing systems in order to capture more detailed data. iLobby specializes in contactless Visitor Management Software and has designed mobile, touch screen Visitor Management Software, called as the VAMS. The VAMS uses a series of patented technologies to perform such functions as facial recognition, hand-free user authentication, swipe cards and dual-arm access. It also has smart card reader applications and can be seamlessly integrated with various other applications.

VAMs from VAMS Global are completely portable and can be easily plugged into any existing network or IP network. To ensure complete integration, the system has a modular design which can be customized using a set of standard modular components. This reduces deployment costs and helps to create a fault-tolerance scenario. It also provides 100% hands-free user authentication and high level event management functionality.

VAMs from VAMS Global have a built-in debit and credit card reader. This allows you to scan the card and gain access to the services or goods on sale. The palm recognition sensors allow you to view the person standing next to you at all times and quickly determine their identity without having to move from your chair. With the help of a swipe or tap on the card readers, the transaction is instant. This means that the whole transaction can be completed within a fraction of a second, making it ideal for multi-tiered customer service.

Contactless Visitor Management Software

Another product from a startup is its palm recognition thermometer. It has the ability to measure indoor temperature and humidity. Its infrared technology detects body heat of people and objects. The company has come up with the world’s first contactless, digital thermometer.

The company has created an excellent thermometer with advanced body temperature and humidity monitors. Muriote has two modes – Stand-alone and Mobile Phone/Internet Phone Connectivity mode. In this latest product people can take out their phones and use it to order their services wherever they go. There is no need to worry about the quality of service, as it has been established that the company follows industry standards and values, has a high level of customer care and offers affordable prices.