Lights, Camera, Access!


Is a provider of a network of services to advance the presence and participation of persons with disabilities in the entertainment and digital media industries.

There are 4.5 million Canadians with a disability of some kind. Tap into this valuable resource – accomplished individuals who want to be included in our media.

Currently, people with disabilities are an invisible presence in the Canadian media. Lights, Camera, Access!(LCA!) is adjusting this picture. LCA! connects this talented culture to employment opportunities in Canada’s entertainment, arts and digital media industries. Be reflected on our screens and create the stories behind the scenes. Change your media lens, engage in inclusion!

Founded by Leesa Levinson, an actor with Multiple Sclerosis, Lights, Camera, Access! is a nonprofit organization with charitable status. In this creative age, the culture of people with disabilities is nonexistent in our public and private industry sector. LCA! sees the need and is fulfilling the demand.

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To encourage employment in the entertainment industry of persons with disabilities while engaging decision makers in the sector to use their media to accelerate public awareness and acceptance of persons with disabilities generally and in the development, production and distribution of their product specifically.


LCA! provides services to advance the presence and participation of persons with disabilities in the entertainment, arts and new media industries.


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“Working with Lights Camera Access was a fantastic experience for CSC. They were very helpful in suggesting actors for our project, accommodating and just wonderful to work with. The actors were true professionals. I would recommend them highly and won’t hesitate to call them again.”

- Lyndsey Breslow, Curriculum Services Canada

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“Lights, Camera, Access! are key to helping people with disabilities find opportunities in the film, print and television industry. They provide access to experienced talent for clients seeking talent with disabilities. Our experiences working with Lights, Camera, Access! has always been positive. The talent we’ve had on set from their roster have all been true professionals. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

- Raff Melito + Julie Belanger, Full Serve Productions Inc.

Looking for Experience?

We offer online resources to help you get started, develop your skill set and knowledge, and a job board to help you find jobs.


Looking for Talent?

Learn what the legislation has to say about hiring people with disabilities, post jobs and search.


For more information, please visit our News Section or our Resource Page



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